Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The making of "The Beauty of Speed" painting

Hi guys,

The making of this art piece and story is one of charity, good wishes and a donation to Light The Night Walk 2016, a charitable event by The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). It is a wonderful event, with many within my company participating and donating their time and hearts.

It was commissioned by Rebecca, one of the Executives at San Francisco Federal Credit Union, who made a very generous cash donation to this organization.  I was likewise happy to donate my time in creating this art piece and am pleased with how the painting came out. In fact, it somewhat instantly became one of my favorite pieces.

As with all painting projects, I was excited to get started and usually begin with trying to learn/understand my customer and the various elements of life that bring a smile to them. Rebecca provided me with the keywords of her life and I got started.

Below is the resulting Daydream, a vision that came to be, by way of Rebecca's life :-) I call it, "The Beauty of Speed"

Enjoy the art piece, including some photos of how the painting came together.

Cheers and thank you Rebecca for your donation and helping bring your happiness to reality.
P.S. I am also available for private commissions, so please visit my website at for more information.

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