Sunday, February 19, 2012

Painting for Milena's family

Painting dimensions: 24" x 18" inches
Style: Acrylic

This was a gift to my fiance's parents for New Years 2012.  It was to be a surprise and so I wanted to capture the entire family dynamic into a painting.  Milena's immediate family has 4 people (sister, mother, father, and my beautiful angel) and so it was important that I made a keyword list of all of their interests and designed a sketch against those thoughts.

Elements I decided to include were:

1) Chess - father plays and enjoys
2) Backgammon - entire family plays and loves
3) Physics - mother used to be a physics teacher
4) Boxing - father loves and has mini gloves hanging from his car's rear view mirror    
5) Soccer - father used to play for a team in the Army
6) Photography - sister loves photography and has taken quite a many wonderful snaps
7) Armenia - family's origins with colors having special meaning in their life

The painting process did not start out too amazing, I had to change my concept 3 times until I finally settled on the one concept that I immediately fell in love with.  I started working right away and had a finished painting in 12 hours.

The painting is an interesting concoction of various elements listed above.  The background is black with the camera as the central backdrop.  The camera's lense acts as the center with the flash at the upper right corner.  Armenian flag is stripped along the bottom of the painting with boxing gloves in Armenian colors hanging from the ceiling of the painting.  Soccer ball, backgammon, chess board, physic's chalkboard and ambitious clouds are the main focal point of the painting and centered for viewers to see.

Tha painting has other meanings that explore immigration, dreams, and survival at any cost.

Ever think about giving a custom painting as a gift?

Please call or send me an email.  I'd love to explore the possible themes with you and deliver a painting of any size you'd like - and to anyone you'd like.

Leon Elperin

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